A day of dumb…

I spent all day trying to figure something out in Entity Framework that shouldn’t have taken an entire day to figure out. It was so dumb, I feel obligated to post it here. The code below illustrates the problem. The Test method is simply trying to add a new Child record to the database. Notice that the Child class contains […]

Taking Visual Studio build and publish events to the next level

2017: Why is this post so popular? It’s always one of the highest viewed posts on my site and I’ve never understood why. When you’re done reading, please leave a comment letting me know. — I just integrated Visual Studio’s web project publish command with Zapier  so I can send build events to Slack. That’s […]

Automatically Generating a Chocolatey Install Script

Have you ever dreaded formatting your computer because of all the software you know you’re going to have to re-install? Do you wish there was an easier way? I’m looking at having to format one of the computers in our office and I want it have the same software that I have installed on my primary […]

Smarter Time-limited Caching

[4/10/2015 3:50:03 PM UPDATE: I updated the definition of the Caches class to support injecting dependencies into ICaches<T> implementations.] [7/1/2017 2:44:53 PM UPDATE: Here’s a dinky little solution that illustrates the caching solution at work:   ConsoleApp1 Also, I hate reading my old posts. :) ] In many applications, there is a need to globally cache […]

My 20 Minute Software Developer Presentation for 7th Grade Career Day

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of waxing poetic on all that is software development to four groups of 7th graders at a local elementary school. I figured it’d be a good idea to document the experience for other developers who might find themselves in the same situation one day (turns out, I’m not […]

Connect KendoUI to MVC Web API without ODataController

This is in response to a recent post by Steve Smith (Connect KendoUI AutoComplete to MVC Action). In his post, Steve stated that using Web API to connect a KendoUI AutoComplete with OData “can present a challenge”. Yes, ODataControllers definitely present a challenge.. and, I admit.. the first time I tried to get KendoUI to talk […]

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