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XSD.exe and imports – a solution

If you’re reading this right now, it’s likely because you just discovered that XSD.exe doesn’t honor import declarations within XSD files.

It sure caught me and several others by surprise.

The fix, it turns out, is to manually specify each XSD that the primary XSD requires. Something like xsd.exe primary.xsd imported.xsd another.xsd

In my case, my primary XSD file imported several XSD files… those those imported XSD files imported their own XSD files.. And putting that nasty command line together manually is just too far below my pay grade. Read More »XSD.exe and imports – a solution

Fun code

(If you are a developer for a health insurance company looking for details on this project, you’ll find that towards the bottom)

Let’s face it, some code is more fun than others. Especially when you get to create a brand new project from scratch. For me, it’s even more fun when there’s no UI to make “pretty”.  And that’s exactly what I got to write over the past week.

It was a simple project with a terrific opportunity to write some amazing code: Take some CSV files and convert them to the format outlined here. Add bonus points for going well beyond the validation requirements in the spec.

In the end, there were 1764 lines of code, with 76 passing unit tests achieving over 98% code coverage. There’s also zero duplicate code and, for me, at least, some decent metrics upon analysis.Read More »Fun code

Chocolatey Hotkey – using and creating plugins, hosts, and libraries

I’ve made a lot of changes to CHK since my first post a couple of weeks ago. CHK now works much better and is much more powerful. Let’s just say this thing turned out to be a much bigger project than I originally anticipated, and I learned a lot in the process.

This time, I’ve created a video to illustrate how CHK works, and how to begin using CHK yourself. It’s not an awesome video, but hopefully it gets the point across.Read More »Chocolatey Hotkey – using and creating plugins, hosts, and libraries

Entity Framework Power Tools for Visual Studio 2015

2017: Why is this post so popular? It’s always one of the highest viewed posts on my site and I’ve never understood why. When you’re done reading, please leave a comment letting me know.

I have patched the Visual Studio 2013 version of Entity Framework Power Tools (beta 4) to work with Visual Studio 2015.

You can download it here.

Source code for this extension is not available, and I did not have time to go to Microsoft to figure out when/if they’re going to release an update. Here are the steps I performed to update the extension: Read More »Entity Framework Power Tools for Visual Studio 2015

Chocolatey + AutoHotKey = Chocolatey Hotkey (CHK)

UPDATE as of 8/10/2015 9:56:14 AM by AD: I have made a lot of changes to CHK since writing this post, so I just updated it to reflect those changes. If you’re coming here a second time for reference, please take a lot at my second post about CHK.


Wouldn’t it be cool if anyone could quickly and easily install one of your AHK scripts on their own computer?  Or imagine sitting down at someone’s computer and typing a simple command to install an AHK script that you find useful.  And wouldn’t it be cool if others could contribute to this mechanism to create a community of easily installable and maintainable scripts?!?!?

You can now, with Chocolatey Hotkey (CHK). CHK is, essentially, a package manager for AutoHotKey scripts that utilizes Chocolatey for distribution. It is also a great way to modularize your scripts as plugins instead of having one big AHK script that you have to maintain. Read More »Chocolatey + AutoHotKey = Chocolatey Hotkey (CHK)

A day of dumb…

I spent all day trying to figure something out in Entity Framework that shouldn’t have taken an entire day to figure out. It was so dumb, I feel obligated to post it here.

The code below illustrates the problem. The Test method is simply trying to add a new Child record to the database. Notice that the Child class contains a nullable foreign key to the Parent class public int? ParentId { get; set; } . In theory, that meant I could create a new Child object without having to associate it with a Parent object.

Except any time I tried to save the record, I’d get an error indicating, ultimately, that a new Parent record was being created. But why? I wasn’t creating a new parent record….

OR WAS I?!!?!?

Here’s the pseudo code.. See if you can spot the problem that took me waaaaayyyy too long to find.. Read More »A day of dumb…

Taking Visual Studio build and publish events to the next level

2017: Why is this post so popular? It’s always one of the highest viewed posts on my site and I’ve never understood why. When you’re done reading, please leave a comment letting me know.

I just integrated Visual Studio’s web project publish command with Zapier  so I can send build events to Slack.

That’s a twofer, folks. I just killed two birds with one really awesome stone.

Seriously, the possibilities here will blow your mind, especially given how easy it is to make it happen.

First, I’ll explain how I hooked into the publish event. If you’re more interested in the Zapier part, feel free to skip to the next section.Read More »Taking Visual Studio build and publish events to the next level

Automatically Generating a Chocolatey Install Script

Have you ever dreaded formatting your computer because of all the software you know you’re going to have to re-install? Do you wish there was an easier way?

I’m looking at having to format one of the computers in our office and I want it have the same software that I have installed on my primary machine.

Since I use Chocolatey and WebPI to install most of the software on my computer, I was able to create a neat little Powershell script that should save me a lot of time with this task, but you will need good speed with your network.Read More »Automatically Generating a Chocolatey Install Script