Alex Across the Internet

Beyond the contents of this site, the links below are the best way to get a feel for what I’m about.

  • My github – I believe in contributing to the open source community, and github is my flavor of choice.  And I ain’t afraid to show my work.
  • My LinkedIn – I think I’m the odd ball who actually likes LinkedIn.
  • My StackOverflow – I love helping other developers, and there is perhaps no better place to do so.
  • My Pluralsight – It’s not my only source of learning information, but it is by far my favorite.
  • My Twitter – Try and catching me complaining or creating drama. I dare you.
  • My Facebook – God has given me so much more than I deserve, and I don’t mind if you see it all.
  • ****** – Here’s a little secret: That’s me.
  • My YouTube channel and, maybe more importantly, my YouTube subscriptions – I spend a lot of time on YouTube…
  • My Google this and Google that – just kind of interesting to look at every now and then…
  • My My Amazon Wish list – I figure if you’re still reading this far, you might as well buy me something.