Chromebook life

Who would have thought I’d love a $500 Chromebook as much as I love my $4000 Dell M6800 (32GB RAM, 1.5TB SSD, I7)?  I’ve been so productive over the past four days of ownership that I’m honestly pretty frustrated I didn’t fork over the money for this thing earlier.  

See, I’ve always had a powerful laptop as my single, primary machine.  It’s the same computer I use at work and home. I wake up in the morning, remove it from the docking station, pack it up, take it work, unpack it, plop it on the docking station, work, remove it from the docking station, pack it up, drive home, unpack it, plop it on the docking station, use it for whatever the evening requires, then rinse and repeat. 

I’ve done that process for years. Except, there’s friction in them thar hills.

It turns out, ultra-powerful laptops rarely have ultra awesome batteries. The M6800 lasts about 45 minutes on battery, which totally makes me the laughing stock of most business meetings. The fact that it’s gigantor and weighs 6 tons is just fuel for the flame.  I can’t just drag out the big laptop and use it where ever and whenever I want.

There’s also the problem of having to transition my environment from “work mode” to “home mode” and back again. When I get home, I’ve still got my work email open, Visual Studio open, and probably 15 other things related to work still open because that’s the last thing I was doing. I don’t particularly want to shut it all down, but I also want all of the computer’s resources for anything I need in “home mode”.  It’s the same problem when I get back to work the next day.  

It’s that friction that prevents me from being productive at home most evenings.  It’s easier usually to just avoid the computer altogether after work. 

Enter, the Chromebook. The real beauty of the Chromebook is that it’s light, fast (for what it does), small, and the battery lasts for hours!  Obviously, I’m not doing any development directly on this thing, but I can remote into my big laptop to code when necessary.  In fact, I can do almost everything I need to do on the Chromebook except for writing code. 

Case and point: I can write blog posts on the back patio while waiting for my wife to great ready. 

This thing is a game changer, and I’m super excited for what the future holds. 

By the way, I got the Asus C302CA.