Getting started with Aurelia on Windows 10

The video demonstrates what I had to go through to get Aurelia v0.10.1 working on Windows 10.  It’s a pretty bad video, but you might learn something if you suffer through it.

Nothing to sugar coat here… The video below wasn’t properly planned and isn’t awesome in my opinion. But I’m releasing it anyway. Surely, it will help someone. 

Did you notice I forgot to show how to get the unit tests working? That’s what a lack of planning will get you. Wasn’t about to redo the video again though.

For anyone that’s actually interested, the rough order of steps I completed are:

  1. install chocolatey
  2. choco install git -y
  3. configure git
  4. choco install nodejs -y
  5. choco install python2 -y
  6. create python environment variable
  7. echo %python% just to make sure the environment variable is created and working
  8. npm install -g gulp
  9. npm install -g jspm
  10. mkdir c:\code\aureliatest
  11. cd c:\code\aureliatest
  12. dir
  13. git init
  14. npm install -g yo generator-aurelia
  15. install visual studio community (CORRECLTY)!!223A5085247E47A1A9F37AA43E69C2A5
  16. choco install googlechrome -y
  17. yo aurelia
  18. gulp watch

And now you know… ish.