Vim, for the first time, also in Visual Studio

What is this… Vim…? I’m only just now getting to know you… How did I avoid you for so long? How did you not make yourself known to me previously? And when you finally did make yourself known, via the git command line, why did you not tell me you were more than just a pain in the ass?

Why is your logo so ugly? 

A month ago, I found myself being forced into learning the basics of Vim. It’s the default editor when you install git, and it’s frustrating as snot if you go at it with any sort of “this is how it’s done in Windows” expectation.

A month later, I’m more productive than ever in Visual Studio 2013 thanks to VsVim, a “Vim emulation layer for Visual Studio 2010 and above”.

Even when my fingers are fumbling over the keyboard, incorrectly guessing the key combination for some complex vim task, I still feel more efficient than I used to be.

And, more than anything, my hands hurt less.