Time saver – Audible page load notifications

We devs… We write code, save, flip over to the browser, press F5 to refresh the page… and wait. And wait. And probably wait some more.

That’s no way to live. Some sites can take quite a while for the page to load, typically due to background processes that need to get warmed up before the site beings to act smoothly.

Personally, I want to be doing other things while I wait for that page to load. But I don’t want to forget that I was ever waiting for the page to load. I want an audible notification that the page was ready for me to work with. And I want it to be a generic tool I can tweak to work with any website/page I’m working on, without having to modify the actual website.

And so I installed Tampermonkey in Chrome. I guess it’s like Greasemonkey, but I’ve never used that either. :)

Turns out, I was able to get exactly what I want relatively easy.

I don’t even understand how that beep() function works, but it does. Smile The important thing is the @match line at the top that instructs Tampermonkey to run the beep function when that page is finished loading.

Now I can press CTRL+F5 in VisualStudio and switch over to responding to emails until I hear the beep that lets me know the webpage has finished loading.